Absinthe at the Movies, Part II

Absinthe in “Van Helsing” (2004)

Kate Beckinsale in Van Helsing.

In the film “Van Helsing,” Kate Beckinsale’s character, who is called Anna Valerious, drinks absinthe directly from the bottle. We do not recommend this.

Van Helsing: “I’ll find out someday what keeps me going.”
Anna Valerious: “Here’s to what keeps you going.”
Van Helsing: “Absinthe, Strong stuff.”

Absinthe in “Dorian Gray” (2009)

dorian gray absinthe

In the 2009 movie “Dorian Gray,” absinthe is shown briefly, and it looks like it is being prepared in the traditional manner.

Absinthe in “Carnivale” (2003-2005)

Professor Lodz

Though technically not a movie, the HBO series “Carnivale” is very cinematic. The blind seer Professor Lodz often drinks absinthe.