Photos of Lucid Absinthe from Our Fans

“A little bit of Lucid for everyone” – From Lucid fan Alejandro

Alejandro - A little bit of Lucid for everyone

Can you think of a caption for this photo? It’s from Lucid fan Jack.

Jack - Lucid Absinthe and cat

From Lucid fan Tom, a classic take on absinthe. There is a lot of time-tested absinthe technology here: fountain, slotted spoons, specialized glasses.

Tom - Lucid Absinthe


Absinthe History: Absinthe and the Cat

Many old absinthe advertisements made use of cats.


Why are cats used in old absinthe advertisements? Perhaps because the herbal aroma released by absinthe has been known to attract cats. We hope it goes without saying that you should not let your cat drink absinthe.


The tradition of associating cats with absinthe continues to this day.

lucid absinthe kitty