Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day! Below please find a wonderful painting of Christopher Columbus, historically accurate in every regard but one.


Can anyone explain how this creative contraption works??? We’ve studied it, and our guess is there is a tiny hole in the bottom through which iced water drips…

Some bartenders light absinthe on fire, so if you don’t want your poor Lucid subjected to flames, it might be a good idea to say so when you’re ordering.



Blog post 10/9/2013

I am a single gummy bear. I am small, and there is only one of me. But… I am 85% absinthe.

(I am sadly no longer available. I was formerly made in single-serving portions by Tailor’s Candy Shop in NYC, which has since closed.)


Having a beautiful absinthe glass and spoon for your Lucid isn’t necessary, but it sure is elegant.

absinthe with fancy spoon

The always lovely green fairy. She takes many forms.


The Green Fairy, III

The Green Fairy visits/ And gives to me / A commoner’s taste of heaven – Christine A Kysely

absinthe by RozennIlliano

Illumination / From the green glow / Possessed by the café’s glasses. – Christine A Kysely


As absinthe begins and then continues on / And spirits me away / Hours lengthened by the devotion / To The Green Fairy  – Christine A Kysely

absinthe by Sashiiko-Anti

Lucid Absinthe Blog 6/19/2013

“At Gennelle, Absinthe Drinker” is a famous 1886 painting by French painter and absintheur Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.


In 19th century France, ladies at the cafe sometimes drank through straws, so as to maintain an elegant demeanor. This painting is “Moulin De La Galette, Paris” ca 1904, by Dutch painter Isaac Lazarus Israels.

Moulin De La Galette, Paris

Absinthe tattoo in progress. Do you recognize the famous absinthe poster?