Celebrities and Absinthe

Historically, absinthe has been popular with artists and creative types. Many artists have found that it brings to their minds a certain clarity of thought and inspires them to increase their creative output. Absinthe’s historical allure in this regard, as well as its unique taste, unusual appearance, and mode of preparation, gives it a certain appeal that extends beyond simply ‘drinking’ it. Today, many celebrities enjoy absinthe; below, we offer up a few quotes of celebrities talking about the green fairy.


“For my birthday, I did one shot [of absinthe] to try it, and that was it. I was drunk immediately.”
– Evan Rachel Wood









Tommy Lee

“The last hour of the night, I was drinking absinthe. There’s not a chance I’m gonna change.”
– Tommy Lee


Celebrity Absinthe Drinkers

Johnny Depp’s character drinks absinthe in this famous scene from the movie “From Hell”. In the scene, Depp’s character does not prepare the absinthe in a manner recommended by Lucid Absinthe; nevertheless, the scene is quite beautiful to behold.

Offset, Johnny Depp is known to have enjoyed absinthe. In fact, Depp revealed in a magazine interview that he likes absinthe perhaps a little too much.

In discussing his friendship with Depp, rocker Marilyn Manson said, “I have hung out with Jack Sparrow, because Johnny is Jack Sparrow. We drink absinthe, that’s what we do.”