Blog post 10/9/2013

I am a single gummy bear. I am small, and there is only one of me. But… I am 85% absinthe.

(I am sadly no longer available. I was formerly made in single-serving portions by Tailor’s Candy Shop in NYC, which has since closed.)


Having a beautiful absinthe glass and spoon for your Lucid isn’t necessary, but it sure is elegant.

absinthe with fancy spoon

The always lovely green fairy. She takes many forms.



Eiffel Tower Absinthe Spoons

When the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889, many absinthe spoons were made to commemorate the occasion. Here are two of the most popular:


Can you see the Eiffel Tower in this absinthe spoon? Hint: this spoon is called Les Tours Eiffel #6 “Silhouette”.


This absinthe spoon is considered one of the rarest of the Eiffel Tower spoons:


Historical Absinthe Spoons

This absinthe spoon was made during World War I, from brass shell casings. If you look carefully, you can see two remarkable things: firstly, the soldier who owned this spoon inscribed his initials, “P.B.”, on the handle, and secondly, the holes form the date, “1914”.


One of the most expensive pre-ban absinthe spoons ever made, “Les Feuilles #20”. It was most likely used at high-end French hotels and restaurants.



The beautiful “Les Feuilles d’Absinthe #4 Absinthe Joanne”



Would You Buy?


First up, a brand new Lucid Absinthe balancier and absinthe glass… $17.50 on eBay last we checked (with shipping)… would you buy?

Lucid Absinthe balancier & glass

Lucid Absinthe hat… $16 on eBay, including shipping… would you buy?

lucid absinthe cap

Lucid Absinthe spoon & bottle of Lucid for only $17 on eBay… BUT the bottle is empty… would you buy?

Lucid Absinthe on eBay