Blog post 10/9/2013

I am a single gummy bear. I am small, and there is only one of me. But… I am 85% absinthe.

(I am sadly no longer available. I was formerly made in single-serving portions by Tailor’s Candy Shop in NYC, which has since closed.)


Having a beautiful absinthe glass and spoon for your Lucid isn’t necessary, but it sure is elegant.

absinthe with fancy spoon

The always lovely green fairy. She takes many forms.



Absinthe Antiques

A new book by absintheur and Lucid fan Scott MacDonald features life-size photos of absinthe antiques from the mid 1800s through the early 20th century.


The absinthe antiques in the book evoke a time of beauty, art, new technologies and changing culture.


For more information about the book, visit its website at Absinthe Antiques.