Blog post 10/9/2013

I am a single gummy bear. I am small, and there is only one of me. But… I am 85% absinthe.

(I am sadly no longer available. I was formerly made in single-serving portions by Tailor’s Candy Shop in NYC, which has since closed.)


Having a beautiful absinthe glass and spoon for your Lucid isn’t necessary, but it sure is elegant.

absinthe with fancy spoon

The always lovely green fairy. She takes many forms.



The Green Fairy and an absinthe glass

This weekend, take a journey with the green fairy.

A lovely bubble reservoir glass that will be even lovelier when it is filled with Lucid.

Is this what happens when the green fairy merges with the Lucid cat?

Absinthe Antiques

A new book by absintheur and Lucid fan Scott MacDonald features life-size photos of absinthe antiques from the mid 1800s through the early 20th century.


The absinthe antiques in the book evoke a time of beauty, art, new technologies and changing culture.


For more information about the book, visit its website at Absinthe Antiques.