The Many Different Greens of Absinthe

Although absinthe is famously considered to be a green drink, its color is not always the same and in fact sometimes looks closer to white than to green.

The particular color of absinthe depends on the types and quantities of herbs involved in its distillation, as well as the amount of iced water with which it is diluted.

Most absinthe, when fresh, has a deep & illustrious green.

Lucid Absinthe, when louched, goes to a beautiful pale green color.


The Absinthe Louche

Do you know what an absinthe louche is?

When absinthe changes color after water is added, that is called “the louche.”

Louching is caused by herbal essential oils — called terpenes — coming out of solution as the temperature and alcohol concentration drop.  This forms an emulsion.  The louche looks beautiful, perfumes the room, and makes absinthe much more flavorful.

Always make sure to louche your absinthe until it goes to an even, cloudy color. If you drink absinthe straight, you will miss out on its full beauty, aroma, & flavor.  This video is a good example to follow.