Practical quotes about absinthe

oct 24 lucid frappe

With a creamy mouth-feel and a finish that lasts for minutes, Lucid is just gorgeous in a Sazerac or my favorite cocktail for this liquor, the Absinthe Frappé.
– DrinkUpNY

oct24 louche

The New York Times describes the best way to louche Lucid:

“The best method [is] to begin with a three-to-one ratio, and then, if the absinthe still tastes harsh, continue adding until a seductive balance is achieved. By slowly adding more to achieve the right balance, the Lucid became mellow and inviting.”


The Phoenix NewTimes on absinthe fountains:

The optimal way to supply ice water is through an absinthe fountain, a raised vessel with small spigots that are opened to a slow drip. These range in price from expensive to staggeringly expensive. The fountains are fun because you can watch the absinthe’s louche (turning from clear green to opalescent white as you add water) as it swirls and dances with each successive drop.


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