Creative endeavors, French colonies, and ideal ratios

In many ways, drinking absinthe is a very different experience from drinking other types of alcohol. For example, many types of alcohol make the drinker woozy and fog his or her mind. However, when it comes to authentic absinthe, many people say that a glass served in the traditional way brings mental clarity to their creative endeavors. Remember, absinthe contains herbs and was originally used a medicine.
lucid absinthe louched and delicious

Back in the day, absinthe was taken everywhere by the French… even to their colonies. The French title reads, “Leisure Hours in the Colonies”

We recommend trying different water to absinthe ratios until you discover the ratio that gives you the best taste. Since taste is subjective, the ideal ratio is different for everybody, but generally it’s somewhere between 3-5 parts water for every 1 part Lucid.

Green fairies and sweet concoctions

Drinking two glasses of Lucid does not mean you will see two green fairies…

Craving something sweet? Whole Foods is now selling the world’s first cookie dough made with with rich, dark Ghirardelli Chocolate and Lucid Absinthe.
absinthe cookie dough

When adding sugar, some people get really creative with their Lucid.

Lucid Absinthe Blog 9/19/2013

Lucid Absinthe — the first genuine absinthe available in the U.S. since 1912.
lucid absinthe close up

Absinthe is a wonderful and delicious drink with a rich history.

Absinthe started in the late 18th century as a medicinal tonic. By the middle of the 19th century, it was prescribed to French soldiers as a malaria treatment.
– JK Grence, The Phoenix NewTimes

Une Nuit d’Absinthe and The Versailles Experience Cocktail

Attention Milwaukee residents: mark your calendars for Une Nuit d’Absinthe on September 13th. There will be free tastings of Purple Door absinthe ice cream, as well as absinthe chocolate  from Indulgence Chocolatiers, free French lessons, glass blowers blowing classic absinthe glassware, and more. More info here:

“The Versailles Experience” is a cocktail served in an absinthe fountain, in which Tanqueray Gin and Absinthe are combined with pear, lemon, apple and mint.