Lucid Absinthe Blog 8/19/2013

“The ritual of service: the slow drip of water, from an Art Nouveau fountain through a sugar cube held in a slotted spoon over the glass, seeping down into a pool of green like sweetened tears.”
– The New York Times
absinthe fountain drip and louche

“Water not only changes the flavors, it almost magically alters the appearance of the absinthe. As you slowly add water, the liquid in the glass seems to thicken, and transforms into an opalescent pastel cloud. The French call this effect the louche.”
– The New York Times
Absinthe Louche close

“Artisanal absinthe like Lucid obtains its natural color from whole plants. Industrial absinthes are colored with artificial dyes that are usually listed on the label.”
– Ted Breaux
lucid absinthe green splash


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