Lucid Absinthe Blog 7/31/2013

“If you want a specific recommendation for a first absinthe, I’m fond of Lucid, the first post-ban absinthe sold in the United States.”

– JK Grence, The Phoenix NewTimes


“Not only do [absinthes] require water, they require just the right amount, anywhere from three to five parts water to one part absinthe.”

– The New York Times


The Blackthorn Absinthe cocktail is an exceedingly agreeable drink. Learn the recipe this Friday.

blackthorn absinthe cocktail 2

Lucid Absinthe Blog 7/29/2013

“Flaming absinthe cocktails are silly.”
– The New York Times

“Two simple rules to remember. First, if it’s the color of Scope mouthwash, put it back on the shelf.  Second, good absinthe is expensive, clocking in at $60 a bottle and up.”
– JK Grence, The Phoenix NewTimes

Do you share your Lucid or keep it for yourself?
serving lucid

Making The Green Fairy

One creative soul named Cat Woody didn’t just drink the green fairy, she made her.

Making the Green Fairy 6

Step 1 was making the outfit.

Making the Green Fairy 1

Step 2 was making the green fairy’s legs.

Making the Green Fairy 2

Step 3 was making the green fairy’s face.

Making the Green Fairy 3

Here is the green fairy, nearly complete. Can you guess what’s missing?

Making the Green Fairy 4

Let’s not forget the green fairy’s wings…

Making the Green Fairy 5

You can buy this green fairy at

Lucid Absinthe Blog 7/22/2013

The New York Times says about absinthe: “Forget the sugar, remember the water.” Do you agree?

absinthe fountain drip

If you’re in Austin, stop by Peché, the city’s first absinthe bar. Choose from fifteen types of absinthe, including Lucid:

peche austin absinthe

The next time you have guests over for absinthe, let them know that “louche” means “turbulent” in French and “disreputable” in English.

glass of absinthe

Lucid Absinthe – Tales of the Cocktail happening now

This weekend, be elegant and tasteful with The Dry & Tart Lucid Absinthe Cocktail, an excellent chartreuse cocktail with strong herbal notes. Recipe this Friday on our blog.

dry and tart absinthe cocktail

Learn the craft of the cocktail at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Happening today until the 21st. More info at


Tales of the Cocktail features seminars, dinners, competitions and tasting rooms, all focused on the art of the cocktail.


Tales of the Cocktail tickets are still available for events such as “Water World: Water in Spirits and Drinks”, “Beyond the Coupe – Glassware in Bars”, “Meet the Craft Distillers Tasting Event”, and “Most Imaginative Bartender All-Stars Competition”. More info at

absinthe at bar