Absinthe News, 5/8/2013

Many of you have probably heard about the man who suffered severe burns after he tried to drink a flaming shot of absinthe. For those of you who haven’t, here is a link to the story: http://goo.gl/Ft4BQ. The bartender who poured the flaming shot claims he had lots of experience making flaming drinks. We strongly encourage all absinthe drinkers and all bartenders to respect the green fairy and serve her without burning her. She likes to be treated well.

flame alcohol incident

Lucid fans, if you don’t want your bartender to light your Lucid, then we recommend saying so when you order your drink. Otherwise, the bartender may do it, and it will be too late!


For Lucid fans in Chicago, absinthe expert Deidre Darling hosts monthly absinthe education classes at The Savoy Restaurant. The next class will be held on May 30 and focuses on how to use absinthe in cocktails. For more information, contact The Savoy at http://www.savoychicago.com/chi/

The Savoy


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