Lucid Creator Ted Breaux on Wormwood, II

Wormwood is a really nice plant, [although] other plants don’t like to grow around it.


Apparently, there was a doctor, a couple hundred years ago, who discovered that if wormwood is distilled, the bitterness stays behind and it still retains some medicinal properties. And that’s where we had the beginnings of absinthe.

wormwood dried

[Editor’s note: Absinthe is traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif. In fact, the wormwood in Lucid Absinthe triggers the release of bile from the gallbladder and other secretions from intestinal glands, which can improve the body’s ability to digest food.]



The Lucid Absinthe Caipirinha Cocktail

Caipirinha cocktail


  • 50ml Lucid Absinthe
  • 12.5ml Ice water
  • 5 wedges of fresh cut lime
  • 1 bar spoon Muscovado sugar
  • Crushed Ice
  • An old fashioned / small rocks glass


  • Using your old fashioned glass, add the bar spoon of sugar, 50ml Lucid and 12.5ml ice water
  • Using the spoon, stir the contents, allowing for all the sugar to separate
  • Squeeze and drop the 5 pieces of lime into the drink and once again use the bar spoon to stir the contents
  • Finally, fill the glass with crushed ice and stir all ingredients through the drink, making sure that all flavors are thoroughly mixed

Lucid Creator Ted Breaux on Wormwood

Absinthe is not the same thing as wormwood. Wormwood is a term that has been used for a long, long time to describe any of several dozen plants that fall in the Artemisia genus.


Wormwood is the 2nd most bitter herb on the planet. It has a very penetrating, bitter flavor.


People often ask me, ‘What does wormwood look like?’ I used to carry a bag of it.


Lucid Absinthe Blog 4/22/2013

Free absinthe samples and Mediterranean food tasting: Alma Nove @ 8 PM today. Address: 22 Shipyard Drive, Hingham, MA. The restaurant has an absinthe fountain, and there will be a discussion of absinthe history and a debunking of absinthe myths.

alma absinthe

Looking for some delicious absinthe drinks? A useful book to have is “A Taste for Absinthe: 65 Recipes for Classic and Contemporary Cocktails.” Amazon reviewers describe it as “a fun read with some great drinks” and “one word: yum”

A Taste For Absinthe book

Craving something sweet? Jeni’s Ice Creams makes a rather scrumptious looking pint of absinthe ice cream.


Lucid Absinthe Blog 4/19/2013

Absinthe is sometimes called a liqueur, but it is not. Liqueurs always contain a sweetener, but authentic absinthe such as Lucid contains no sugar or sweetener of any kind. Adding sugar is left to the discretion of the consumer.


Lucid Absinthe brings you a specialized gift set including: a bottle of the famous Absinthe, a unique Lucid glass, and a personalized balancier so that you can prepare absinthe the traditional way. Priced at $59.99, this set will be available nationwide in mid-September.

lucid gift set

These are the classic ways to mix absinthe according to Harry Johnson’s Bartenders Manual, first published in 1882.

Harry Johnson's Bartenders Manual 1882

YouTube Videos About Absinthe: Mostly Misleading

If you search for “absinthe” on YouTube, you will find numerous videos of people endangering themselves by setting absinthe aflame and/or taking shots of absinthe. We highly recommend you do not follow these examples. Drinking Lucid in the traditional way enables enjoying absinthe the way that it was enjoyed over a hundred years ago.


Videos such as this one make absinthe look ‘dangerous.’ But in fact genuine absinthe is 100% safe and always has been. Indeed, absinthe’s herbs have been used for centuries to treat many ailments.


Instructions for how to prepare Lucid Absinthe properly are located on the bottle.

Lucid Absinthe Is Not Meant To Be Set Aflame

Many restaurants set absinthe aflame for dramatic effect. We do not recommend that you do this with Lucid, as it may mask its complex flavor.

flaming absinthe

Setting absinthe aflame is a marketing technique introduced in the 1990s to increase sales of Czech absinth. However, authentic French absinthe such as Lucid was never intended to be set aflame.

Lucid Absinthe

Setting absinthe aflame presents a safety hazard. We recommend you never set Lucid aflame: it’s safer and tastes better when imbibed using the traditional preparation.

absinthe flaming fountain

For Your Sweet Tooth: Absinthe Ganache

Warning: this dessert is extremely delicious.

absinthe ganache delicious


  • 60ml Lucid Absinthe
  • 220g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids or higher), broken into pieces
  • 15g unsalted butter
  • 120ml imported English double cream (available at Whole Foods)
  • pinch of sea salt


  • Put the chocolate, salt and butter into a bowl and set aside.
  • Heat the cream in a bain-marie until it starts to simmer.
  • Remove from the heat and add the chocolate and butter, stirring to bring together and melt the chocolate.
  • Slowly pour in the absinthe, stirring to bring it together. If it starts to split, return to a very low heat, stirring well.
  • Preheat oven to 350F. Then toast a handful of pecans on a baking sheet for 6 mins or until aromatic and browning.
  • To assemble, put a cake on a small plate, drizzle with absinthe chocolate sauce and dust with pecans. Dust with powdered sugar too if you like.


  • Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth, available from Cannongate books, 2012

Artemisia absinthium

Artemisia absinthium, sometimes referred to as grand wormwood, is one of the most important herbs in Lucid Absinthe.

Artemisia absinthium

Lucid’s Artemisia absinthium is grown in France, but the herb does also grow in North America.


Artemisia absinthium has been used since ancient times. In fact, the herb is mentioned seven times in the Old Testament and once in the New Testament.

artemisia_absinthium 7

Absinthe History: Absinthe and the Dog

Although many old absinthe advertisements made use of cats, fewer made use of dogs. Yet, at least one old absinthe advertisement survives in which there is a dog.

absinthe dog

In this second photo, it is unclear whether the dog is actually drinking the absinthe.


In modern day, absinthe is not generally associated with dogs, although there are exceptions.

absinthe cat on dog

Some modern artwork shows both dogs and cats with absinthe:

wild_absinthe_cat_by_eckopfdoggie & absinthe