Lucid Absinthe Creator Ted Breaux, In His Own Words

“For me, [Lucid Absinthe] is art. I can’t paint… making absinthe is my painting. A big alembic is my easel.”

Ted Breaux and his absinthe creations

“The finest original absinthes were — and should always be — artisanaly-crafted, completely natural distillations and infusions of whole herbs. That is how it was crafted in the 19th century, and it is how we [at Lucid] do it today. We even use antique absinthe making equipment.”

Lucid Absinthe is made in these Combier Distillery alambics

“The most common misconception about [Lucid] Absinthe is that we removed the grande wormwood. The truth is we actually use a lot of it. Furthermore, it is not a hallucinogenic.”

 Ted Breaux in Front of Absinthe Display at Museum of American Cocktail 1

“What I like about my job is that it never feels like a proper job, although it’s packed with unceasing challenges. What I like about [Lucid Absinthe] is that we deliver what we advertise.”


“Artisanal absinthe like Lucid obtains its natural color from whole plants. Industrial absinthes are colored with artificial dyes that are usually listed on the label.”

absinthe louche


2 thoughts on “Lucid Absinthe Creator Ted Breaux, In His Own Words

  1. Ted,
    I always knew that you would eventually
    become the Worlds Authority on something…. Leave it to you done it with
    Absinthe! and have changed the world
    in the process! You are the coolest
    Specialist of the worlds most historied
    and mysterious specialty.

    Congrats and Cheers Ted!

    Take Care,

    Michael J. LeBlanc

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