Submissions for Lucid Absinthe Giveaway, Part III

Some more awesome submissions for our contest from Lucid Absinthe fans round the world:

From Lucid Absinthe fan Kara Y comes this photo of her Halloween costume. Do you notice anything special about Kara’s necklace pendant?

The Green Fairy Absinthe Muse

…It’s a Lucid Absinthe spoon.


From Lucid Absinthe fan Iván S comes a photo of Lucid post louche. It looks delicious.

Iván S - Lucid Absinthe louched

From Lucid Absinthe fan “Old Creepy Guy” comes “a picture of some of my after work Lucid. Louched courtesy of the balancier.”

after work Lucid Absinthe with balancier


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