Lucid Absinthe Giveaway…

Thank you to all our amazing fans who entered the contest- you are all bad ass and we have a surprise in store for you!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 2.41.16 PM

The winners were chosen randomly using

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 11.08.59 AM



(In descending order- 1st- Lady A, 2nd- Ralph S, 3rd- Melissa G- you will be receiving an email from us)

We also received many creative Art entries and loved them so much we decided to give a tee-shirt/hat to 2 of our favorites:

Original Artwork By Sam Muro

Green Fairy art


Lucid Absinthe Poem by Eric Hooper

She kissed me softly, and the numbness set in. She tasted of licorice, and was cold to my skin. We danced slowly at first, getting to know one another. She was familiar but different, and unlike any other. I knew I couldn’t leave her, she grabbed a hold of my heart. From this day forward, we would never be apart. It was my first time, I held on just barely. I fell in love with her that night, my beautiful Green Fairy.



Congratulations to all the winners!



One thought on “Lucid Absinthe Giveaway…

  1. I’m very happy that the folks at Lucid Absinthe liked my Original Artwork,
    Thank you for Showcasing my submission I like to share my creations with the world.
    I also enjoy your product quite frequently I really enjoy the face melting effect I get when I drink the Absinthe it’s good stuff. I recommend Lucid Absinthe to everyone I know!!!
    Thanks again,
    Sincerely, Sam Muro….. :0)

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