Absinthe Fountains, Part I

Lucid Absinthe fountain

While many absinthe drinkers prepare absinthe by pouring iced water from a glass or pitcher, for absinthe truly to be served in the way it has been traditionally, a fountain is recommended.

lucid fountain 2 spigot 1

Some absinthe fountains have 2 spigots.

lucid fountain 4 spigot

Other absinthe fountains have 4 spigots, for when you want to enjoy absinthe with many friends.

Maison Premiere absinthe fountain

Still other absinthe fountains take it to another level, such as this jade-colored marble column fountain enhanced with four brass spigots, topped off with a statue of Napoleon, and fed from below by a custom designed drip mechanism for a perfectly paced and perfectly chilled absinthe drip. Building a fountain like this isn’t easy: it took four months to get it working, several plumbers to get the drip right, and a lot of eBay searches until the Napoleon statue was found. You can learn more about  this fountain at The New York Times Diners’ Journal.


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