Ted Breaux: The Distiller of Lucid Absinthe

Ted Breaux is one of the key figures in the world of absinthe.  He is the man who developed the recipe for Lucid Absinthe.

In addition to developing the recipe for Lucid Absinthe, Ted Breaux was instrumental in bringing absinthe back to America.  As a chemist, Ted Breaux analyzed bottles of pre-ban absinthe and determined that pre-ban absinthe had always been safe to drink and the so-called absinthe ban had no scientific basis. After presenting his scientific evidence, Ted Breaux and the team from Viridian Spirits managed to convince the American government that absinthe has always been perfectly safe and should be legal in America.

These days, Ted Breaux travels the world, continuing his efforts to educate people on absinthe and dispel false rumors and myths about absinthe (many of which persist to this day). In addition, Ted spends his time distilling absinthe at the Combier Distillery in France, where Lucid Absinthe is made.


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