100 Year Old Absinthe

Aged absinthes from the pre-ban absinthe era are rare and become rarer every time someone enjoys a bottle!  Not only are these 100 year old absinthes drinkable, their taste is coveted by many absinthe connoisseurs, who pay top dollar for a bottle.  These aged absinthes are notable not only for their coveted taste but also for their unique amber brown color.  Though the absinthes were once green, just like ‘regular’ absinthes, the chlorophyll has aged and turned from green to amber brown, in exactly the same way that the chlorophyll in leaves turns from green to brown as it ages.  This aging process results in a markedly different taste that is said to be worth trying if you can spare the expense.

Pernod Absinthe circa 1910

If you are interested in trying a pre-ban absinthe before they are all gone, please visit The Vintage Absinthe Museum Web Shop.

The Virtual Absinthe Museum


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