How To Drink Lucid Absinthe Properly

Preparing Lucid Absinthe according to historical tradition brings out its unique and delicious taste, as well as its complex flavor notes.  Lucid Absinthe is a very strong spirit that should be diluted with iced water prior to consumption, at a ratio of 3-5 parts iced water to 1 part absinthe.  Diluting at this ratio frees the essential oils of the herbs from the alcohol, thus releasing Lucid Absinthe’s complex herbal taste.

In addition, like any alcoholic spirit, Lucid Absinthe should always be chilled prior to consumption, as chilled absinthe is delicious but warm absinthe goes down very badly.

For a more detailed explanation of how to drink Lucid Absinthe properly, please watch:

Please note: drinking absinthe neat or out of the bottle is never recommended, as the absinthe will be highly concentrated and its complex herbal flavor will be lost.


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