Is Absinthe Legal in the U.S.?

Is Absinthe Legal in the U.S.?

1912 – 2007: No.
2007 – present: Yes.

The owner of Lucid Absinthe spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to get absinthe unbanned and millions bringing it to the U.S. market. It was anything but easy. Here is the story of how absinthe became legal again after nearly 100 years of being banned:

Some of the more surprising quotes:

  • “The 1912 ban [on absinthe] was never valid.”
  • “I could not find a single law on the books today that prevented absinthe from being imported or sold.”
  • “In the 1880s, the European wine industry was decimated by a parasite… absinthe took over the shelves… and the wine industry… created a very articulate and organized smear campaign against absinthe.”
  • “Ted Breaux… used his experience as a chemist to study absinthe and… through his own research… debunked the notion that [absinthe] could actually hurt you.”
  • “Not too many big companies had bothered to approach the government about [absinthe].”
  • “The amount of thujone in [our absinthe] is exactly what you would have found in a pre-ban absinthe.”

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